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I started investing in stocks through Robinhood
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Fetch Rewards

I’ve been using Fetch Rewards as my receipt scanner.
I know there are other ones out there but I just prefer this one the most and for the sake of saving time and memory space on my phone, this is the one I chose to stick with.

Fetch Rewards


So here’s the thing about Earnin. It’s an easy way to get some money in the bank when you need it. But it automatically withdraws on your payday at the full amount. This may or may not bite you in the butt come payday.

You also can’t be at a negative to use their service so it doesn’t help when you’re at a -$5 and just need a little something to get out of it.

It’s been the most easiest and reliable way for me to borrow a small amount of money with no interest but it’s still borrowing and not the best way to get out of debt.

It’s free other than the fact that they encourage you to provide a tip in order to keep their services going but it’s not required.

It’s a good service to have on hand and if you are struggling like me.