QT Reflection: Psalm 8

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly can get real ugly. I can feel greedy, selfish, angry, jealous, and wish ill on others. I can be brutally judgmental and be spiteful.

Some days, I feel like I’ve made strides in limiting those thoughts and feelings. Other times, the negative energy explodes.

The point is, I’ve never murdered anyone, but I’m not perfectly innocent. I have my downfalls. I’m not perfect. I mess up and fall short of the glory of God.

I wanted to share this perspective because I feel that often times, we believe we are good people. We measure up ourselves against other humans.
“Well, I’ve never murdered anyone, stolen anything, and I try to volunteer every week to help a cause.”
And that’s great! Please don’t go rampaging through the streets, causing chaos because I did not say otherwise. And we most certainly can be good. But we aren’t perfect.

If God was the measuring stick in being holy and just, we aren’t anywhere near the “right” side. No one is.

But here”s the beauty in this through God.

While Satan tries to guilt us and shame us for our shortcomings and mistakes, God still claims us and crowns us with glory and honor.

This is the same God that is all powerful and created the moon and the stars. The trees and the mountains. The beautiful “Instagram” worthy photo ops.

He sees US and claims us. He sees US and saw that we were worth sacrificing His own son to save.

And to me, that is beautiful. That is powerful. That is humbling.

What a loving Father we have ❤

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