To the Finish Line

My favorite Jesus shirt
And I live by this!
In fact, I just woke up from a nap and ready to be productive! Lol

Filed taxes, ran errands, read my Bible, passed out…

It feels CRAZY to be here.
I thank God on SO many levels for bringing me this far.

The people He placed in my life cheering for me and supporting me, the opportunities He laid out for me, the financial blessings when I had to cut my hours in order to go to school, and even now, still providing for me as I am student teaching (not a paid gig unfortunately).

When I left my marriage, I had no idea how I was gonna do this on my own.
When you’ve been treated like you don’t matter and told that you can’t do anything for so long, it’s hard to believe in yourself (something I am still struggling with).
I spent almost 9 years with a guy that picked me apart piece by piece.

But when I prayed for guidance, God told me He had my back. He told me not to worry (I worried.. lol). And He has NEVER let me down.

Here I am almost 5 years later, and God has taken me farther in life than I could have ever imagined.

I’m almost to the finish line!
So many things to look forward to

This is just the first step to a bigger dream I have and I’m excited to see how God is going to lead me there

Believe in yourself. Trust God.
Don’t be afraid of the inner-change you’re going to experience.
Don’t be afraid to work on yourself.
To aim for something better.

You are deserving of every good thing God has for you.
Prepare for it. Get at it!

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