QT Reflection: Psalm 4

My takeaway from today’s reading: God over everything.

David said that God brings greater joy than any abundance from the world (Psalm 4:7)

No matter what season or position you are in, good or bad, God will keep you safe (Psalm 4:8)
God set you apart and He will answer when you call (Psalm 4:8)

Things may be hard now but God is looking after you.

I find this to be encouraging because life isn’t always going to go the way you thought it would.
Hardships will occur, people will find reasons to hate you and try to drag you down, you’ll face setbacks.

David lost everything and he was on the run but he kept his faith in God. He knows that God was on his side and trusted Him to keep him safe. Even as a fugitive, he was able to sleep well and get rest. ❤

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