QT Reflection: Psalm 3

Psalm 3 was somehow all the reminder that I needed.
Always pray ❤

We will feel overwhelmed, pressed, and experience fear and doubt, but don’t let it drift you away from God, don’t let it stop you from praying.

David was feeling defeated and he calls out to God knowing of His strength. In doing so, he was given rest. When he woke up, he had this God-given confidence and courage to face his enemies.

Verse 3 says, “I am not afraid,” because he knows “Victory comes from [God].” (Psalm 3:8)

David first acknowledged God and His power. In the midst of his fear and exhaustion, he turned to prayer. After he received peace and comfort from God, he CONTINUED to pray.

As a result of David’s praying:
~He was able to rest
~ He no longer feared his enemies
~ He became sure of his victory through God

What an amazing and powerful God we have who can lift our spirits like this!

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