Be a Go-Getter

I remember my very first interview as a 17 year old and feeling nervous. It was for a server position.
The interview was very informal. I brought in my application and a man came over.
“You’re interviewing to be a server?”
“Yes, I am.”
And he started asking me questions right there on the spot, in the lobby.

He asked the typical questions like if I’ve worked other jobs before. what my experiences are, and such.
Then his last question caught me off guard, “Do you really want to work here?”

I thought it was a trick question. Yes, right? Because why else would I have applied?

I drew out a hesitant, “Yes?”
Thankfully, he was nice. He chuckled and hired me on the spot.
But his reply stuck with me, “Hey now, if there’s something you want, you need to be a go-getter and get after it with confidence and certainty!”

I carry that energy with me wherever I go now. Job interviews, dates, new experiences.
Do I want it?
If yes, then go all in!
If no, then step back and evaluate why I’m interested or what do I actually want.

Life is too short to live it half-assed. Be a go-getter!
You deserve the full experience from every opportunity that comes your way!

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