Three Things to do While You are in Your Waiting Season

Until God brings me my husband, I will ALWAYS be thankful for my singleness and REVEL in it.
And I think a lot of single women (and perhaps men) struggle actually finding contentment in their singleness. Which blows my mind.

I have lived, experienced, and accomplished more in the last four years that I’ve been single than in the almost 9 years I spent with my ex-husband.
I’ve gone to places I probably never would have gone, met people I probably never would have met, and love myself to a capacity I would have never known if I stayed with my ex-husband.

So I thought I would share the TOP three things you should do in your singleness to really enjoy it. Because most likely, your singleness is temporary. So you should enjoy it while it lasts.

1. Practice Gratitude
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. There are MANY people who are in relationships who envy YOUR FREEDOM. Water the position you are in.
Grow your roots.

Planting your roots where you are isn’t going to keep you single forever. But it’s going to give you the foundation and growth you’ll later be thankful for.

2. Level Up
Improve an area in your life, pursue a passion, or get better at what you’re already good at.
I don’t believe in complacency. I believe there’s always room for growth. There’s always something to strive for.

Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. If there are things where you’re thinking you “wish you could do if you had a man or if you were married,” that’s the thing you should do RIGHT NOW in your singleness. Don’t wait for him. He’ll get to you when he gets to you.

Meanwhile. Level up and live your life! Go accomplish things and go solo or go with your friends to experience things but STOP wasting your days WAITING for a man to do things with.

3. Lean into God
Find peace in your current season by diving into His words.
I know that sometimes it can feel like “it’s never going to happen.”
But if it’s in God’s will, it WILL happen. The Bible is proof that He comes through with His promises.

And I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather experience the love story He has written out for me than forcing one on my own – it never ends well.

Lean into God, grow in your identity with Christ, transform, and find peace through Him.

Besides, when you’re doing point 1 and 2, time flies. You are so focused on your goals, growing, and leveling up that all of a sudden, you’ll start to enjoy your singleness and the days will actually feel numbered.

So get out there and start enjoying being single. It won’t last forever.

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